“We don’t need a high-spec gear that can withstand a 5,000-meter altitude trek, but we go out in light picnic wear with brightly colored checks that makes us feel good.”

The opening scene of Powers of ten* by Mr. and Mrs. Eames.
A man and woman are lying on a sheet on the lawn having a picnic.
As the camera gradually pulls back above them, we can see they are in an urban park.
This is where the DIGAWEL 2023 Spring/Summer collection started.

In collaboration with Dickies, DIGAWEL produced shirts and pants designed with the image of Cub Scout uniforms, following on from the fall/winter 2022 season.

The collaboration with URU TOKYO will continue this season.

For the first time in the spring/summer season, we collaborated with F/CE. We produced a multi-pocket shirt and shorts in two materials using Solotex.
In addition, THE RAILROAD SOCK HEALTH TRACK special COMFORT TOP (2Pk) will be a triple name with a special order to Railroad Socks company from U.S.A.

J.PRESS ORIGINALS and DIGAWEL have teamed up to create the CRST label, now in its sixth season. “comfy” fits and silhouettes on a “grayscale” with various connotations.


イームズ夫妻によるPowers of ten*の冒頭シーン。芝生にシートをひいて寝転んでピクニックしている男女。少しずつカメラが上空に引いていくと、そこは都会の公園。こんなイメージからDIGAWEL2023年春夏コレクションはスタートしました。


URU  TOKYO との協業は今シーズンも継続します。


J.PRESS ORIGINALSとDIGAWELがチームアップしたレーベルCRST(クレスト)はシーズン6を迎えます。”comfy”なフィットとシルエットを、さまざまなコノテーションを伴った”grayscale”の上で展開します。


DIGAWEL1 store open 12:00-19:00


DIGAWEL is pleased to announce its Fall/Winter 2022 season. The clothes that have been developed in the nostalgic and slightly ugly taste of the last two seasons are now being reworked and reimagined by different generations for themselves. The story line of the collection is that of a different generation remaking and reimagining clothes for themselves.
We have encouraged a change in volume by picking up a large size and making it into our size in a rather violent way or blowing up something smaller and bumping it up against something in a different category. That is what we are doing this season.

The collaboration with URU TOKYO will continue this season.

The down jackets, which we continue to collaborate with F/CE., are made of wool for the outer fabric, giving them a classic look. Also available is a fur jacket made of recycled polyester. A fleece jacket with a fur jacket made of recycled polyester and a down vest docked together is also available. The new line is under the double name of F/CE.

CRST, a label teamed up with J.PRESS, is now in its fifth season. “For a little while I had seen perfect peace, perfect rest, a past we have lost but a past returning to us as if by means of a long-term oscillation, to be available as our future, in which all lost things shall be restored.” said the American science fiction writer. Homecoming is the tagline for this season.

For the first time in DIGAWEL’s inline, we collaborated with Dickies, using 1950s sports slacks from the Dickies archives as a reference. We created two-tuck slacks.
A new color, Olive, will be added to the standard LEATHER BELT.


URU TOKYOとの協業は今シーズンも継続します。



定番のLEATHER BELTへは新色Oliveが加わります。


DIGAWEL1 store open 12:00-19:00


For the Spring/Summer 2022 season, DIGAWEL has created a collection entitled “COACH”.In the “Teachers” collection for Fall-Winter 2021, we created a balance between dress clothes and sportswear with a lot of classic clothing elements. This time, as coaches, we have incorporated more elements of sportswear.
Rather than the latest light and functional sportswear, we used fabrics and colors with a thick and durable texture that gives a sense of nostalgia.

In the sense of looking back to the past, DIGAWEL recreate the designs that DIGAWEL was good at in the past, in a way that is unique to the present in collaboration with URU TOKYO within the larger frame of “COACH”.

For the past few seasons, DIGAWEL has been developing pants with an emphasis on slacks.
Hearing that Kleuren was developing a hosiery line to match the slacks, we asked them to collaborate with us, and they made it happen.

DIGAWEL and J.PRESS, two labels with different cultures, have teamed up to create CRST, which will enter its fourth season in spring/summer 2022.
The theme of the collection is “TYODrift”, and CRST’s standard oxfordbags pants are made in collaboration with Dickies this season.
We also offer a wide range of accessories such as puka shell necklaces and baseball caps, specially made by Poten.

The third edition of Yoshida Kaban’s packable large shoulder bag and Vinyl Tote Bag.

A new color, Natural, will be added to the standard Three-Fold Purse. Also, Ring Card Case made of the same leather as Three-Fold Purse will be added in the selection.


ちょっと昔を振り返るという意味で、以前のDIGAWELが得意としていたデザインをあくまで”COACH”という大きなフレームのなか”今”ならではの取り組みで URU  TOKYO との協業で再現しました。



吉田カバン製のパッカブルの大きなショルダーバックやVinyl Tote Bag第三弾。

定番のThree-Fold Purseへは新色Naturalが加わります。また、Three-Fold Purseと同じ革を使用したRing Card Caseが仲間入りします。

 DIGAWEL 1では1月20日(木)、DIGAWEL ONLINE STOREでは1月22日(土)より22SSコレクションが立ち上がります。ぜひご覧ください。

DIGAWEL1 store open 12:00-19:00

” Teachers ” 

When I envisioned the items and colors, and size I wanted to make this season, I came up with the image of a school teacher. A staff room with unique teachers of various ages and genders, who are a little out of balance in the old days. I created it while thinking about the characters of the teachers in each subject.

A series of blouson jacket with a nostalgic atmosphere.

Our shirts, which are popular every season, are based on the Generic Shirts model and come in a variety of fabrics. Oversized Shirts, Crop Top Shirts, and many other variations.

As for pants, we are developing a wide variety of inverted-pleat pants, most of them are in wide pants.

In keeping with the theme, large and ugly jacquard knit cardigan and sweater.The high gauge knit cardigan uses cash wool from ZEGNA BARUFFA, which has the special cobranded name tag with ZEGNA BARUFFA.

BOX BAG is made of Tyvek® and the idea stemmed from the shopping bag of DIGAWEL store. The second version Vinyl Tote Bag, which garment-dyed Yoshida Kaban original fabric. The Leather Lanyard, which has been used extensively in the look, has been modified and is now released once again.

DIGAWEL and J.PRESS, two labels with different cultures, have teamed up to create the label “CRST” which will continue as Season 3 for AW2021.



毎シーズン好評なシャツは、Generic Shirtの型をベースに色々な生地が載ったものや、Oversized Shit・Crop Top Shirtなどバリエーションが豊富です。



タイベック®︎を使用した直営店ショッパーをモチーフとしたBOXBAGや吉田カバンオリジナル生地で製品染めのVinyl Tote Bag第二弾。ルックでも多用しているLeather Lanyardはリニューアルして再登場します。


8月中旬より21AWコレクションが DIGAWEL 1 とDIGAWEL ONLINE STOREにて立ち上がります。ぜひご覧ください。

DIGAWEL1 store open 12:00-19:00

CRST season2
In search of post-modern dress code

In SEASON 2, we launch a collection which restructure the post-modern dress code combining dress clothes and sportswear without no medium.Balmacaan coat with plaid pattern at backside of collar, drizzler jacket, double-breasted blazer and trousers are introduced with a loose silhouette.

Search for the “NEW NORM”, not the new standard.

In addition, we would like you to focus on the products which project the “CASUALS”, one of the UK subculture. “CASUALS” had been evolved through the football fan of Liverpool in 70’s and is youth culture originated in football stadium different from another cultures based on the prosperous music in UK.Since its birth, the young football fans spread the sportswear on the UK street. They were influenced by Italian young people around the same age with the passage of ages from 70’s to 90’s and produced popular brands in the “CASUALS”. Among it, a coordination with traditional UK brands and tennis-wears became a standard.Furthermore, it’s been spread to throughout the UK with sneaker boom joined, and wearing some brands’ tennis shoes and running shoes would be a status for the “CASUALS”.

For this season, collaboration with ellesse, Italian sports wear brand to have roots in tennis comes true.CRST refines their iconic windbreaker born in 80’s while following nostalgic and colorful 90’s Italian design.

CRSTシーズン2では、ドレスクローズとスポーツウェアを無媒介で結びつけた、ポストモダンのドレスコードを再構築するコレクションを展開。襟裏チェックのバルマカーンコートとスイングトップ、ダブルのブレザーやトラウザーズはルーズシルエットでの提案。新たなスタンダードではなく、新たな規範(NORM)、”NEW NORM”を探る。

加えて、英国サブカルチャーのひとつである”カジュアルズ”を投影したプロダクトにも着目してほしい。”カジュアルズ”は70年代リヴァプールのフットボールファンから発展し、英国で隆盛した音楽をバックボーンとする他のカルチャーとは距離をおいた、フットボールスタジアム発祥のユースカルチャーである。発祥以降、フットボールファンの若者たちがイギリスのストリートにスポーツウェアを広め続け、70年代~90年代へ時代の経過とともにイタリアの同世代の若者たちからも影響を受けつつ、”カジュアルズ”内での人気ブランドが生まれ、そこに老舗英国ブランドやテニスウエアなど合わせるコーディネートも定番となる。さらにスニーカーブームの潮流も加わって英国中に広がり、某ブランドのテニスシューズやランニングシューズを履くこともカジュアルズにとってのステータスとなる。 そのカルチャーのエッセンスと流れを汲み、今シーズンは、テニスをルーツとしたイタリア生まれのスポーツブランド ellesse との共作が実現。エレッセが1980年代に生み出したアイコニックな「ウィンドアップス」。それまではニット素材が主流だったトレーニングウェアを軽量な布帛素材でつくり、テニスコートからストリートまで使えるアイテムとして流行した。エレッセ独自のノスタルジックで色鮮やかな90sイタリアンデザインを踏襲しながら、CRSTがよりオリジナルに近くなるようリファインした。

” Domestic Landscape ” 

The theme “house, housework, moving clothes about 200m from the house”

The category “Shirt-like”
A matching fabric tops and bottoms as a formal wear in the house / Image of wearing a shirt-like coat over the pajamas when taking out the trash / Not cramped, a cozy style

Flowers as an indispensable part of life
Shirt and blouson in British Liberty fabric with floral print /Jerseys, shirts and pants with embroidered flowers like a hand stich.

A printed T-shirt using three types of ready-made bodies for the first time / Three T-shirts with DIGAWEL logo designed by Yoshihisa Tanaka.

Approach to miscellaneous goods
A bag with details designed with a more “miscellaneous” approach. Canvas daypack and tote bag with dipped bottom part / A bag that focuses on the material itself, not on its form or function. The material Tyvek is a building material developed by DuPont that boasts excellent moisture permeability, waterproof performance, durability and strength. / Both bags are collaborated product with PORTER Yoshida Kaban / A new tri-fold wallet has been added to the PURSE series of leather goods.

The label “CRST”, which is a team-up of DIGAWEL and J. PRESS, each with a different cultural background, will continue as Season 2 in the spring and summer of 2021.


” 家、家事、家から200mくらいの移動着 “というテーマ







1/23(sat)より21SSコレクションが DIGAWEL 1 とDIGAWEL ONLINE STOREにて立ち上がります。ぜひご覧ください。

DIGAWEL1 store open 12:00-19:00

DIGAWEL autumn/winter 2020 is a collection with image sourced out of 90s street with an eye-catching printed fabrics and French Trad. Continuing from the 2020SS season, we have created original ‘plant’ printed fabric by using the material that give an unusual touch of the fabric. The t-shirts and shirts are designed with a lean silhouette, and we pursued the optimal balance and design for each pattern of the print. Pants are designed in variations so that you can enjoy the small differences such as different fabrics in the same silhouette.
As a whole, a color palette that looks good in FALL/WINTER season has been used in this collection. The collaboration item with F/CE is DIGAWEL’s very first down jacket using recycled nylon, a boiler suit and dress with triple name with British workwear brand YARMO, and a cooler bag that can also be used as a record case.
“CRST” the collaboration line with J.PRESS, DIGAWEL refines the crest motif that has existed in J.PRESS for a long time and outputs it to the product, which is used from outerwear to hats and socks. A capsule collection that proposes a new style by dismantling and rebuilding the preconceptions of IVY and Trad.


J.PRESSとのコラボレーションライン”CRST” J.PRESSに古くから存在するクレストモチーフをDIGAWELがリファインしプロダクトにアウトプット。アウターから帽子やソックスまで幅広く展開しています。IVYやトラッドの先入観を解体し再構築することで新たなスタイルの在り方を提案するカプセルコレクションです。

7/20(mon)より20AWコレクションが DIGAWEL 1 にて立ち上がります。

DIGAWEL ONLINE STOREは7/23(thu)から20AWコレクションをご覧いただけます。

DIGAWEL1 store open 12:00-19:00


officeware2020 特設サイト


“The death of God signified the disappearance of the viewer of the soul, for whom its design was practiced for centuries. Thus the site of the design of the soul shifted. The soul became the sum of the relationships into which the human body in the world entered. Previously, the body was the prison of the soul; now the soul became the clothing of the body, its social, political, and aesthetic appearance. Suddenly the only possible manifestation of the soul became the look of the clothes in which human beings appear, the everyday things with which they surround themselves, the spaces they inhabit. With the death of God, design became the medium of the soul, the revelation of the subject hidden inside the human body.”
Boris Groys ‘The Obligation to Self-Design’


1/17(fri)より20SSコレクションが DIGAWEL 1 にて立ち上がります。

DIGAWEL1 store open 12:00-19:00

アートボード 2-100


We’d like to inform you of our shopping hours change from August 1st, 2019.